Definition of the problem

Students are getting bore with the old education system such as blackboard with the classes(etc)

In the modernized situation student's skills such as, listening and reading are in the decreased level and they are redy to move on with technology in education.

How to solved

Teaching the student's at the out door in periods of learning.

Haveing part time lessons at the it lab & helping them to use computers.

Using multmedia projectors to conduct some lessons.

Performing the lessons with the out door games & activities.

Implementation steps, findings, solutions, suggestions. Reflections of the circle members including teachers.

School administration (students details).

Collecting some data's by observing the student's.

Members and students collected some details of world wide. Popularity of mode teching through internet and magazine.

Photo Gallery

Circle info

1)   S.A.F. Shamha Nahdha (Leader).

13th BIO-Tech.

P/Zahira National Collage.

Age 20.


She is the girl who guide the all members to do their work in order.


2)   M.R. Risdha Farwin.


13th BIO-tech.

P/Zahira National Collage.

Age 20


She ie the member helps to her leader and do her works also guide the members too.


3)   R. Rasnas.


13th BIO-Tech.

P/Zahira National Collage.

Age 19+

Collects the subscribtion money per month from the members and supporting teachers. Also collects funds from school administration and the organizations.


4)   M.N. Najla Hashmin.


13th BIO-Tech.

P/Zahira National Collage.

Age 19+

Gather all details what are done by our team and puts into the log book as per on time.


5)   M.M,F. Ayasha.

Information collector.

13th BIO-Tech.

P/Zahira National Collage.

Age 19+.

Get the all information from around the circle and updates probably.


6)   S.A.A. Nafry Shiham.

Legal Advisor.

12th maths.

P/President Science Collage.

Age 18+

Advised to do implementation as well.


Supporting Hands

> Dr. Hayal Kaksal

> I Soft Collage Puttalam.

> P/Zahira National Collage Administration.

> Puttalam Zahira Srilanka Unites.

> Puttalam Zahira Quality Club.





> I soft collage puttalam.


> www.hayalkoksal.com

> www.bilisimcimartilar.com

> www.yimeder.org.

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